Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and a happy new year. I sure did. Due to the busy schedule that holidays tend to create, I haven't been able to post anything, or create much. But I wanted to jump back in with some news. I'm trying to get my craft room in order. Especially since I now have 3 new (actually 2 are vintage) sewing machines!!! My parents got a Singer featherweight and a Singer Touch and Sew at an auction and offered them to me. Of course I said yes to that! Can't wait to get to sewing on those beauties. And then they also surprised me with a surger for Christmas. That!! I am so stinking jump-up-and-down happy about! I can finally make me some knit maxi skirts!

I'll definitely be posting about those more in detail later, but for now, another little tidbit. I don't have much in the way of furniture for my craft room. I have a drafting table, a dining table and an oversized bookcase that was made to house an old box tv. Massive. It's gotta go. I'm gonna try to get someone to pay for it, but if not, I'll donate just to get it out of the room...

And with 3 sewing machines, where will they all go?! I was considering an ikea desk, but nothing was making me happy. And then I thought about making a desk out of cabinets and plywood. But I don't want to have to jury rig something in order to reach the foot pedal for a counter height sewing desk. So what to do?..

My town has a Habitat Restore. I found this there this afternoon:

The desk, not the handsome man without a head ;) That's the hubby, by the way.

As soon as I saw it, I envisioned it here:

Minus the clutter of course. It was raining today so we couldn't bring it home, but sometime this week, my father in law will come in his trailer and get it and we can get my new craft station set up!! I'm working on getting the room more organized and getting that corner cleared out and ready. Can't wait!!

Did you find a great deal on furniture for your craft space? I wanna hear about it! It'll give me something to focus on until mine is set up. ;)


  1. Hi Katie it's so exciting to be able to set up space, can't wait to see yours!

    1. Hi Clare! The desk is done now, just trying to get it set up so I can really work at it. Can't wait to get that posted! Thanks for stopping by!


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