Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hiatus has Ended!

So, I've been a bad blogger and haven't posted in a while. Woopsie.. I've taken lots of pictures though, so I have plenty of post material to get caught up. Pinky promise. =)

The only excuse I have is being a new homeowner and all the time-consumption that comes with. It's been fun, but a bit nuts. The house goes through phases of being clean and feeling done, and then it's like a DIY project vomits all over a room and then spills out into the hallway. *sigh* The struggle is very real.

Anyway. I've finally got my craft room semi-craftable. That massive desk I got is painted, cured and has been home to a few sewing machines for the past few months. My sewing machine collection exploded from one to five over the holidays. I guess that happens when people in your family who like to sew find out that you like to sew too? I'm ok with that!

Here's my team (and yes, I name my machines):

A Brother Lock 1034D. She was a surprise gift from my parents this past Christmas. They apparently saw a great deal and figured I'd like a serger. They were sooo right. I love this machine. I named her after my grandmother. She passed when I was 3, but I have a few memories of her. Naming my serger after her makes me feel like she's in the room with me. =)

A Singer Featherweight 221 (born June 26, 1947). She was an auction find and my mom offered her to me as a Christmas gift. Of course I emphatically said yes. LOL! This little beauty is a dream to sew on and I love how simple she is. And how pretty on my desk! She came with her case, several different feet, the original manual (which I have used!) and a collection of bobbins.

A Singer Touch & Sew. I forget the year, I wanna say 1970's? Yet another auction find by my fantastic parents. I helped my dad with some repair work while I was at their place over the holidays, and then got to bring her home. This is my workhorse, practical and efficient, not flashy, but somehow elegant nonetheless. This is also the first one I named after someone (Elinor Dashwood from Sense & Sensibility. It seemed appropriate).

This was a gift from my sweet mother-in-law. This is a Singer 66 (I think, Vintage Singer aficionados, correct me if I'm wrong. I had a tough time identifying her). This lovely lady belonged to my hubby's father's mother. Her name was Alice, so I named the machine after her. I haven't taken her for a spin just yet, my mother-in-law gave her to my while my craft room was in the middle of it's chaos spell, but I plan on seeing what she can do.

If you haven't noticed by now, I loooove vintage/antique Singers. I also have a couple old pieces of Singer memorabilia scattered throughout my craft room. Speaking of which... Here is an update on it. It's still a bit messy, but I figured I'd share since I took so long to get a new post up and to just.. keep it real.

There is my completed desk in all her glory! I've had a lot of fun filling her up with sewing stuff. Still haven't got a system down pat, but I'm enjoying playing around, which is the point, I guess. =)

That Hoosier cabinet will get its own post... ;)

That's all I've got for now. If anyone has any tips for organizing multiple types of crafts in a room, I'm all ears. Next on my list is the closet, which, if you'll notice is conspicuously closed in the above photos... There's a reason for that.. Yikes.

I'll be back soon (for realz this time).

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