Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mini Update (Bonus!)

Since I was absent for so long, I'm trying to grovel play catch-up.

In my last post I mentioned that I got some new light fixtures.

One already went in the laundry room:

I had to wait on the other two because we needed to get the correct lightbulbs before installing. We're slowly switching everything over to LEDs (daylight, preferably, but our bathrooms are soft white. The laundry room is soft white too, but it may get switched at some point. Maybe).

I made a quick stop at Lowe's today, came home, and hopped right on that! This resulted in a lot of huffing and puffing on my part. For some reason I kept dropping screws and wire caps. But I managed to get through it without turning into the Hulk. My arms are tired from being in a raised position for so long, but I still wanted to type this post out for you all. ;)

After finding the photo of the laundry room's old light in the inspection photos, I looked there for photos of the old hallway lights. Sure enough, there they were! Our inspector was very thorough with his camera. =D

They were brass/etched glass and had two of those little, skinny bulbs each.

I think these make the ceiling seem taller even though they actually hang a bit lower. I'm guessing it's because it's a more vertical fixture than the others.

These don't photograph well without being on. This hallway doesn't get much natural light, but I'll try to get a good photo of them with the light off so you can see the detail. Just looking at them, you actually do see the detail of the molded glass, it's not just a big white blob. They're really quite stunning and add a lot of old world charm, in my opinion. I plan on adding some board and batten/wainscotting to the hallway, and I think that'll go well with these lights!

Also, we're going to be painting in here (and in the living room, to the left in the last photo). The paint swatches above are the choices I've got right now. I think I'll be going for the third from the top, Sherwin Williams, Passive. I wanted to get the lighting right in the hallway before committing to that though.

I'm super pleased with these lights, especially considering the whole project cost a grand total of $34 (tax included there). I already had the spray paint on hand. I'd say this is a huge change for a small amount of money (relatively, anyway, compared to buying 3 light fixtures at retail price).

Have you had any bargain finds that made you jump for joy? These sure made me do a jig.

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